Apr 16, 2013

I thought you were different

But as I write this on his bones, I realize you are not

Violence begats violence

I am forever carved into a rune of my suffering

You, your frustration

Us, our hate

Though my heart is deep, it is filled with the depth of all emotion

Does the love outweigh the fear, the pain?

Not enough, as the world piles on the sorrows

Dreams of love, of hope, are forgotten

I know you are but a victim

But I cannot be yours

Dec 4, 2012

Demons knocking on your doorstep

Promises said but not kept

I look into your eyes, overflowing

The words spoken until meaning was lost

Pen to paper, bleed ink

Will it make this real?

What I want is another tomorrow

Full of all that once was

Whispered dreams of futures

Bright and shining

In this city the sky is black

Robbed of light by the artificial

You are not that different

A bright reflection of something

Not really there


Author: Wolfdragon


Dec 2, 2012

Falling through the cracks

The answer hidden

In your eyes and under your feet

Broken, the shadows trail

We are want, need

Winged saviors

Whispered pleas

Empty lips, kissing the wind

Do we spin our fate?

Or let the wheel turn us?

How long before we decide?


Written by Wolfdragon  (12/02/12)


Oct 18, 2012

I want to take a pen to paper

Write these words, your face

But lips are sealed as I

Ride this rollercoaster

Making the symbols you want to hear

You have to go down to rise up

Don’t you?

But I’m a bit seasick

Could we maybe level it out?

Destined for greatness

Or a crashing fall

Everyday I waver

It’s not bad

It’s not what I wanted

But is anything really?

The movie cinemas of our minds

Always out of reach

Shooting for the stars

Buried underground

It’s nothing new

But this time

I can see the sky


Written by Wolfdragon  (10/18/12)


Oct 3, 2012


And doors

How many things exist between you and I?


The starry sky

That I would pluck stars from

A bouquet

But it’s not enough

The distance grows

Traveling faster

Than the speed of light

Our love, hampered

Fettered in

By fears and realizations

Miles, and truths

Life is never simple

Love is complex

And so are we

I reach out, for your hand

I am, always there

Yet through all the walls

We cannot reach

I’ve fallen, you know

One time too many

Over and over

And all the words

Empty and thin

Just can’t 

Put me back together again


Written by Wolfdragon